We were so sure we were doing everything right!


We studied hard, got in good schools, worked hard and climbed the corproate ladder. We were careful with our money, living frugally so we could tithed 10% and invest/save 10%. 

When our kids were young, we dreamt of their future, bright and full of hope.
We made sure we taught them the same - study hard, work hard, budget, save.




While the big banks make wild speculative investments, enjoying windfall profits and government bailouts, we went through two downsizings and a factory closing that wiped out our hard-earned savings and prompted us to deep-dive into the "why" of economic conditions.


Why does the economy contract and expand? Why have we been taught to expect inflation as a matter of fact? Why do we have to work one job to earn money and work another job to keep the money through risky investments? 

We figured it out!

* How and why our current monetary system was set up to be the way it is.

* What incentives this monetary system inherently have that drive government, corporate and individual decisions.

* What areas in our life are impacted by this monetary system.

What, if any, alternatives are available.

While our current knowledge would have led us to make different choices in how we made sacrifices in terms of time and energy to ensure our financial success, we cannot go back in time.


We can, however, pass on this knowledge so that our children and grandchildren can benefit when they're making major life decisions.

What we do, we do for our kids and their kids.

The truth is we can't teach our kids to budget and save fast enough to overcome the current inflation rate.
The truth is most of us, MBAs included, have no idea how our monetary system works, and therefore we are at the mercy of political and media propaganda.
How will our kids fare in the coming economic condition? Will they work hard just to have their savings wiped out by a recession-induced downsizing or hyperinflation?
Will they be caught up in political battles thinking one party or another party, through taxation and regulation, should choose the winners or losers in society? 

Now we are dedicated to sharing money education in the most effective and fun way.


Knowledge is power!


We want to empower the next generation to make money decisions based on truth and facts, rather than cultural and social expectations.

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Our mission at Free Market Kids:

Give the next generation the knowledge and tools to maximize their chances for freedom, success and happiness. We make it easy and fun to introduce money concepts to kids through tabletop games, courses, lesson plans and trusted resources.