Facing the Unprecedented: Will Your Teen Thrive or Struggle in Tomorrow's Economy?

  • What if our¬†teens don't get the education they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world?
  • Are we preparing our¬†teens well enough to navigate the uncertainties of tomorrow's economy?
  • How will the rising costs of¬†life affect our¬†teens' ability to pursue their dreams?
  • In a future where jobs are transformed by technology, do our¬†teens have¬†the skills they need to thrive?
  • Can our¬†teens overcome the financial challenges we face today to build a better tomorrow?

Let's get real about money!

Ditch the political noise and influencer hype!


Our course, taught by two Yale MBAs and 20-year homeschooling veterans, opens your teen's eyes to what's really going on so they can make smart choices, not just follow the crowd.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to financial smarts. Sign up now and give your teen the tools to stand tall in today's crazy world.


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About Scott and Tali

Scott and Tali launched Free Market Kids with a clear and bold mission: to demystify the world of finance for both teenagers and adults.

Witnessing the confusion and misinformation surrounding multiple financial crises made them realize that despite their Yale MBAs, discerning fact from fiction was a challenge. That's when they started to really dig into how the world's money system really works.

Now, drawing on twenty years of homeschooling experience and a profound passion for education, they are dedicated to equipping the next generation with the knowledge needed to navigate and take charge of their financial futures.


"I love what you are doing! We homeschool 4 young people. It has been a sacrifice but totally worth it!"

- Kevin R.

"Big thanks to for opening up a world of opportunities with the innovative work of @FreeMarketKids. Our shared visions to create a better world are strikingly parallel. "

- Dalia P.

"Keep up the great work! Taking back control of our children's education is a must..."

- @fern

2024 Summer Session One

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Empower Your Teen

Who is this course for?

This course has been carefully designed for anyone high school age and up.

Adults who want to understand today's money environment better and fill their knowledge gap are welcome.

I want to be empowered!

Empower Your Teen with the Money Knowledge They Need to Thrive in an Uncertain World

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Three options for Summer of 2024:

Live Session 1 (6/3/24 - 6/7/24)

Live Session 2 (6/10/24 - 6/14/24)

Live Session 3 (6/24/24 - 6/28/24)

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  • Module 1: What is Money?
  • Module 2: Pricing & Free Markets


  • Module 3: Supply & Demand
  • Module 4: Money Functions & Properties


  • Module 5:¬†Broken Windows
  • Module 6:¬†Money Layers


  • Module 7:¬†Technology & Money
  • Module 8:¬†Money¬†Challenges


  • Module 9: Digital¬†Money
  • Module 10:¬†Tools You Can Use

Join the growing community of parents committed to raising financially empowered teens.

  • LIVE 5-DAY¬†Bootcamp ($997 Value)
  • Bonus 1 -‚ÄúIs That the Best You Can Do?‚ÄĚ Game ($55 Value)¬†
  • Bonus 2 -10 Ways to Use Monopoly to Understand Money (Instruction Video Series - $299 Value)
  • Bonus 3 -Curated Toolkit for Continued Exploration¬†($99 Value)¬†
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Regular Price $497


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